Build For Everyday AI


AI built for you.

You know your product and user experience best. We know AI/ML shouldn’t be hard, it should be useful and manageable in helping you make smarter decisions. Tell your SAVVI Stems where you want to go. SAVVI AI, the end-to-end everyday AI solution, makes better decisions, faster: delivering results, driving value.

Stop playing with model predictions, put real ML decisioning in your software this afternoon.

Everyday AI for Anyone.

Any team.

Lone maker? Small but mighty team? Large group with non-prioritized ML projects? SAVVI AI puts you in the driver’s seat.

Any choice.

Anywhere your software has to make a choice, SAVVI AI helps it decide smarter, faster with ML. The possibilities are endless.

Any budget.

Using AI/ML shouldn’t require large budgets or high-priced specialists. SAVVI AI helps drive better results, start free now.

Turns out, AI CAN work for all of us.

Agile Teams

With SAVVI AI your product learns and evolves, getting you to better decisions faster, saving you time and sprints. Everybody on the team, even cranky Carl, can get behind that. Try it now for free and launch production-ready AI in an afternoon. Learn More.


Ditch your decision trees, X-out your A/B testing. Let SAVVI AI use ML to optimize your product, one smart decision at a time. You need an end-to-end solution, not something to more things to fix. Do you know how to use a REST API? Yeah, thought so. You got this! Learn More.

Product Managers / Product Leads

You don’t have just one problem to solve, you have many, every day. You are a multitasking miracle worker! Use SAVVI AI for decisioning: use ML to make your product smarter, faster. Learn More.


AI is for the doers – the people who believe it is possible to optimize every user opportunity. People who know being able to evolve is the key to sucess. Turns out, they were right! SAVVI AI is for you and I.

You (yes, you!)

Let us sweat the small stuff while you focus on the big picture. SAVVI AI helps your product move faster and smarter, making the best decisions for each user.