Make smarter decisions, faster.

Supply chains are undergoing dramatic transformation, those harnessing the power of data are poised to succeed.

SAVVI supercharges your process, and team, by bringing the power of Machine Learning for continuous optimization.


Improve Efficiency

Solve your scaling challenges by using Machine Learning to discover successful decisioning patterns and increase organizational efficiency.

Take Timely Action

Become proactive and not reactive. Let SAVVI find the signals that predict problems and address them before they happen.

Better Decisioning

Managing processes with decision trees or manual effort? Upgrade to the power of Machine Learning and continuously improve results.


Create systems that learn quickly and cost-effectively.

SAVVI is the first Machine Learning tool designed to be used by your existing team in your existing process. Get into production faster and achieve your goals.

SAVVI Use Cases for Logistics

Suggest Best Order Processing Facility

Suggests which facility is best to fulfill an order.

Stock Level Alerting

Proactive alerting on future inventory level issues.

Next Best Action to Maximize Uptime

Suggest the best action such as roll truck to prevent future maintenance issues.

Best Carrier and Method for Shipping

Suggest the best carrier or method for shipping items.


Use templates to get started quickly.

Browse our library of pre-made Logistics templates and get inspired for ways SAVVI can bring optimization to your product with the power of Machine Learning.


Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

Build smarter, faster.

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