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We’re SAVVI and so are you.

We’re just a product team who’ve spent years building Machine Learning enabled software. We watched as our OKRs screamed “We want all the AI!” as our timelines and budgets said “Sorry kids, not this Sprint.” This was frustrating.

We created SAVVI AI to be the tool we would use to make our software smarter, faster. We wanted to use something that was straightforward and accessible to use for anyone on the team – developers, product managers, analysts, and agile teams.

We believe every team, regardless of size and budget, should be able to use the power of Machine Learning to accomplish their goals every day.

Podcast: The Power of Machine Learning

Hear from Founder Alex Muller important lessons product teams need to keep in mind when looking to execute Machine Learning.

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Artificial Intelligence. Real Results.

Everyday AI makes better decisions, faster, and makes it easier to achieve your business goals.