Machine Learning, made practical.

SAVVI offers organizations the power to quickly and cost-effectively launch their own practical end-to-end Machine Learning use cases. SAVVI’s easy-to-use tool empowers teams to meet their goals and their budgets. Enable your products to make better decisions, faster.

Launch, learn, and grow.

Everything you need to get started.

Easy set-up. Fast low-code deployment. Ongoing performance optimization. No need for specialists.

Collect causality data

Don't trip up on data. Use SAVVI to easily collect clean causality data needed for ML using our APIs or JavaScript solution.

All-in-one builder tool

Quickly define your goals and what you are trying to optimize using our intuitive builder tool. Low-code deployment, learn more.

Automated modeling

Generates automated models that learn to improve the decisions while also showing you relevancy of your data towards your goals.

Secure client container

Your data, your models, your APIs—all in a sub-provisioned private client container which can be hosted by SAVVI, in your VPC or on-prem.

Track performance

SAVVI shows teams exactly how continuous learning is helping them achieve their goals. Goal oriented, results driven, practical ML.

Guardrails and transparency

Successful ML is responsible ML - see your models, audit your decisions and make sure your ML decisions are within bounds.

Dynamic Decision Options

Learn the best decision from thousands of options that update in real-time. Perfect if you have frequently changing content / products or for constantly changing conditions.

Data Insights

Learn what data you are collecting has actually improved performance toward your goals - what data matters, and what data is just noise.

Don’t Predict, Decide. ™

How is SAVVI different from ML modeling tools?

Creating models is just one step of creating a ML-powered learning system. The problem is not the predictions, the problem is the piping (as in there is a lot of it). SAVVI is the only end-to-end tool that takes your team all the way to production.


Quick-start with
pre-existing templates.

Need ideas of how Machine Learning with SAVVI can help your organization succeed? Check out our Marketplace filled with pre-built templates.


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