Personalization automated, smarter.

The worlds most successful retailers have harnessed data to deliver consumers continuous personalized benefits.

SAVVI brings your team the power of Machine Learning for automated, ROI-driven personalization.


Personalized Content

SAVVI uses the power of Machine Learning to automatically match your content with the right audience, at the right time.

Targeted Offers

Set your goals and let Machine Learning find the next best offer to present to customers every time. Let the data drive better decisions.

Replace A/B Testing

Instead of spending time setting up and running tests, Machine Learning will find the optimal patterns leading to results.


Create ML-powered automation quickly and cost-effectively.

SAVVI is the first Machine Learning tool designed to be used by your existing team in your existing process. Get into production faster and achieve your goals.

SAVVI use Cases for Machine Learning in Retail

Next Best Offer

Suggests which offer will resonate best while maximizing profitability. 

Cart Abandonment Messaging

Pair the best message, and channel, to get customers to re-engage with a purchase.

Smart Homepage Banners

Suggest the best banner to show each customer 1:1 to maximize click-thru and conversion. 

Replace A/B Testing

Set up a system that automatically continuously learns what each user reacts to best.


Use templates to get started quickly.

Browse our library of pre-made Machine Learning Retail templates and get inspired for ways SAVVI can bring optimization to your product with the power of Machine Learning.


Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

Build smarter, faster.

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