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What is SAVVI AI, and where can I use it?

SAVVI AI is an end-to-end AI solution that lets you build, implement and manage machine-learning decisioning (AI Stems 🌱) in any software. We have worked hard to make it easier to make your software smarter so you can hit your goals by making better decisions with ML. We even give you a handy API at the end. SAVVI AI takes care of all the heavy lifting from there, so you can focus on your strategy and let us nerd out on models.

SAVVI AI can be used all over software – see some examples from our users – often in places that are being run by decision trees or A/B Testing. Need ideas of how everyday AI can help your product out? Reach out!

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Everything is AI, but what kind of AI is this?

Excellent question! SAVVI AI (sometimes known as “Little AI”…it’s a thing, read our blog to learn more) uses Machine Learning on structured data (think spreadsheets, not pictures). It’s to make all those decision points in your software smarter and more streamlined. Any place you’re using A/B testing or decision trees can be made more personalized or faster with SAVVI AI. Currently, SAVVI AI is not usable on visual data or language processing. Or robots that become self-aware and question the necessity of human presence in their world 🤖. None of that.

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What are these SAVVI AI Stems you keep talking about?

Stems are little AI-Powered decision-makers that you can place anywhere in your product where you want to make better choices and learn. Basically anywhere in your product where you want to optimize a field, decision, or personalize content. Think about anywhere you have always wondered “Can this be done better?” or “Is this the best thing to do in X situation?” or “What should I show the user here?” 🤔 Need ideas where to place Stems? Reach out!

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Do I need to be a or have a Data Scientist to use SAVVI AI?

Noooooooo. Nor do you need to know Linear Algebra. However, if you are a Data Scientist and you are reading this, we love you, we swear!❤ It’s just that, well, there are a lot of people out there who have Little AI needs, and there are only so many of you to go around. Look, there are plenty of big problems out there to solve so we are sure you are super busy anyway.

Speaking of pretty busy, if you are a Data Scientist, think about how you can use SAVVI AI to clear your plate of all those little projects that your Product Team inevitably has been bothering you about prioritizing. Just a thought.

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Do I need to be a or have a Developer to use SAVVI AI?

Absolutely not. But, it helps to have one to add SAVVI AI Stems to your software. SAVVI AI generates REST APIs, and if that means nothing to you, that’s okay! You can still use SAVVI AI to set up your AI Stem, and then hand off our handy documentation to your Dev Person / Team. See who else SAVVI AI is Built For.

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I don't have data, can I still use SAVVI AI?

Yes! We are not fussy here, you can get started making SAVVI AI-powered Stems with no pre-existing data.🤯 What?! It’s true! SAVVI AI can get the data it needs to make models (and make them for you) using “Learning Mode.” Sign up now and we will show you how.

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What do I need to have to start using SAVVI AI?

Software. You do need some sort of software to plug SAVVI AI into. We cannot plug SAVVI AI into a toaster, for example 🥯 (but if your smart toaster is IoT, we can use its data…we digress). You need to have and be able to edit software or be a person who helps people with software / software processes / software strategy.

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I am loving SAVVI AI, can I suggest some ideas?

Uhhh…yes, please do! If we like them, then you get SWAG. More than stickers (you gotta have stickers), we are talking coffee thermoses, t-shirts, notebooks (paper not computer), and a feature on our Social Media as “Awesome Person.” Other than winning a Fields Medal, we are pretty sure there is nothing more rewarding.

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