Better content in an afternoon.

Remember that terrific old adage from Shakespeare “content optimization is king”?  OK, we added “optimization”. Also, Shakespeare didn’t say that. But modern Shakespeare would be thrilled to discover a product that optimizes a heavy content load.

Listen, content optimization has become one of the most time-intensive activities for companies old and new. Not to mention according to a recent study conducted by SEMRush, brands are investing more in content than ever before (and we’re inclined to believe that your brand may be one of them…) So what if we told you that there was an easier way to get the right content in front of the right people – all while saving you and your team precious time? Consider investing in a product that streamlines your optimization tactics, without the additional manpower required to DIY.

In this ongoing, never-ending battle to deliver the best content to your most desirable customers, you can come out on top in an afternoon with SAVVI AI. To AI or not to AI? That is the (rhetorical) question…

Stem Suggestions

Breeze Past A/B Testing

SAVVI AI makes understanding performance quick and easy. Instead of the good ol’ browser refresh every five minutes to scope out the analytics of an old-school A/B test (we see what you’re doing), SAVVI AI learns as your content evolves. Time to stop micro-managing your analytics and let SAVVI do the work. You can step away from your computer now.

Audience Match Maker

You want your audience to swipe left on your creation, but what content will appeal to what audience. You want to find the right group who will ❤ your content or your sponsors. No more second-guessing what could perform well, or what to swap out. We promise decision-making has never been so easy. SAVVI AI can help your find your pockets of true fans.

Auto-Optimize Customer Habits

Right now, you might be testing copy in bits and pieces with fingers crossed that it performs well or encourages a desirable action from a customer on your platform. We know. We’ve been there. Not only does this take additional brainpower, but it also sounds like too much work (for us, TBH. We stopped doing that awhile ago.) Imagine if you had a product that could auto-magically do the optimization work for you. Hmmm. Wow, that sounds familiar?

Streamline Personalization

What if you could develop tailor-made sequences that naturally speak to your customers by leveraging personalization? That’s what we call content on another level. It’s time to make your customers feel extra special. And did we mention our product makes it easier than building the tech in-house? We try not to brag, but SAVVI really does do it all (we’re working on our modesty.)

The Product

Free yourself from cumbersome copy A/B tests and time-intensive manual optimizations. Get back to focusing strategy and leave the details to us. Adding an end-to-end AI solution in an afternoon is now a reality. And you don’t need anything other than what you already have: expertise in your business, customers, and long-term goals. You’re in the driver’s seat while SAVVI AI is under the hood – watch your new AI/ML capabilities drive more success faster than you realized was possible.

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  • No need for pre-existing data. None.
  • AI in an afternoon. Really.
  • Empower your team with ML