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The future of eCommerce success is Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). It doesn’t take reading an interview with Jeff Bezos to figure that out. Over 35% of Amazon’s shopping revenue is powered solely by AI/ML determined upsell and cross-sell decisions (source). Everything on an ecommerce site, ranging from customer service chat bots to smarter searches to hyper-personalized recommendations – works a lot better with a little AI.

But what if your team doesn’t have an army of Data Scientists? Or what if you don’t have the time or budget to hire expensive consultants or vendors? Does that mean that digital shoppers will just pass you by?
Not anymore!

SAVVI AI. Empowering teams to power Machine Learning in eCommerce – quickly, easily, and affordably.

Why ML Matters

Why Machine Learning Matters to eCommerce Brands

Making smart predictions are important to any online brand’s success, but decisions – better decisions – are critical. In today’s fast-paced world, the difference that determines whether a customer clicks BUY or BYE on your website is razor-thin.

AI/ML is helping your software get smarter, faster. Enabling it to see the pattern in the noise and making the best decision at the right moments. This is the power of Machine Learning executed well.

SAVVI AI optimizes shopper decisions in a straightforward, end-to-end, and most importantly, manageable, way.

You know your business, we know AI. Let’s work together to make your business smarter, better, faster, today.

Stem Suggestions

Better Than A/B Testing

SAVVI AI makes evaluating and optimizing your eCommerce performance painless. Instead of hovering over your Shopify or WooCommerce dashboard for results from your old school A/B test (we see what you’re doing), SAVVI AI learns as your business evolves. Time to stop micro-managing your analytics and let SAVVI AI do the work.

Implement Quick Personalization

Making customers feel extra special is the key to standing out and gaining loyalty. What if you could develop tailor-made sequences that speak to your customers by leveraging personalization? SAVVI AI is about empowering your team, and their knowledge of your customers, to communicate on a deeper level. This how to make Machine Learning work for you.

Content Curator

Increasingly eCommerce brands are relying on content to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers and their brands. But what content resonates, and what content is swiped by? Sure you can test into your audience segments if you have a couple of months to spare. Or you can deliver the most relevant content to each consumer – one to one, not one to many.

Auto-Optimize Flows

Let’s play a quick game of have you ever. Have you ever…looked at your checkout conversion or abandoned cart rate with horror? This is a safe space, it’s okay. Want to increase positive behavior that leads to sales with your customers, but you don’t have time to test every little tweak? This is where SAVVI AI jumps in to save the day. Let the AI/ML do the grunt work for you, while you dictate strategy and goals. For once, truly a data-driven solution.

SAVVI AI for eCommerce

Free yourself from less-than-optimal conversion rates or constant A/B testing. Get back to focusing strategy and leave the details to us. Adding an end-to-end AI solution in an afternoon is now a reality. And you don’t need anything other than what you already have: expertise in your business, customers, and long-term goals. You’re in the driver’s seat while SAVVI AI is under the hood – watch your new AI/ML capabilities drive more success faster than you realized was possible.

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  • No need for pre-existing data. None.
  • AI in an afternoon. Really.
  • Empower your team with ML