SAVVI AI for Product Managers


Product Managers

You have a lot on your plate:

  • Creating buy-in for the roadmap from people who don’t want to speak to each other, let alone agree on anything.
  • Translating exec-babble into requirements.
  • Meetings.
  • Explaining patiently why the feature idea given to you yesterday won’t make it into the next release (currently in QA).
  • Follow-up meetings.
  • Designing the OKRs to seem both ambitious yet within the realm of reality…and so much more.

We’ve been there (daily). It’s hard.

Why SAVVI AI? Because you can set up AI in an afternoon and be seen as the hero – finally, knocking “Add ML intelligence to our product” off your OKR wish list.

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Better yet, set up a Demo and a fellow PM will walk you through it.

“Is this for real? Because I have been trying to get ML prioritized forever. You mean I don’t have to beg for resources? This is doable AF”

-Product Manager, who is not authorized to give quotes on product websites

Why ML Matters

How SAVVI AI works for Product Managers

Tell SAVVI AI what you want it to decide, what your goals are, and what influences success. You can start ML right now based on your own knowledge of your product. Then it’s just a REST API for the developers.

One product, two APIs, infinite ML possibilities.

Don’t have pre-existing causality data? Really, who does? We got you. Ditch that 3-6 month data gathering process and just knock out AI in an afternoon. (Got data? That works too.)

Let us help you get this done, and build better together.

Why SAVVI AI for Product Managers

AI in an afternoon

We know a lot of people say their products are easy, we want you to try it for free and see for yourself. Product Managers are setting up AI Stems in less than 30 min. Little AI decision-makers ready to be activated via API to make your software smarter. You can do this, and we are happy to jump in anytime to help or brainstorm.

End-to-End as not to end you

Product Managers don’t need piecemeal components, that get duct-taped together. You always pay for that later. You need complete solutions that are production-ready. SAVVI AI is an end-to-end AI – build, launch, manage – all in one tool. No need for pre-existing data, custom modeling, custom development, or MLOps.

Make your product smarter, faster.

Forget the AI/ML part for just a second, everyone wants their products to get smarter, faster. The key to that is software that learns, not hard-coded decision trees or conditional logic. Product Managers, you know your business goals and users. We have the AI to power your success. SAVVI AI just helps you reach your KPIs faster, it’s that simple.

Made by, made for PMs

We are a Product Team that has built AI, mobile, and web apps together for years. We know the headaches of adding new tools and vendors into the mix. We know the hurdles you have to jump through to convince the team. So we are trying to make it really easy for PMs to add AI/ML into their products. We got you, because we are you.

The Platform

Project Managers, adding an end-to-end AI solution in an afternoon is now a reality. And you don’t need anything other than what you already have: expertise in your business, customers, and long-term goals. You’re in the driver’s seat while SAVVI AI is under the hood – watch your new AI/ML capabilities drive more success faster than you realized was possible.

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  • No need for pre-existing data. None.
  • AI in an afternoon. Really.
  • Empower your team with ML