The fastest way to automate ML-based decisions

With just 2 APIs, or Javascript tags, SAVVI lets you deploy an entire ML-based decisioning solution without the need for custom coding, MLOps, or data piping and cleansing.

Build intelligent products faster.

Structured light-weight ML decisioning tool.

SAVVI has solved the hard challenges around delivering Machine Learning so your team can build intelligent systems for a fraction of the effort of current processes.


A complete solution.

SAVVI handles the entire ML data pipeline, including event driven data architecture, model building, model ops, multi-model decisioning algorithms and guardrails (controls).  Integrate 2 APIs and be in production in minutes.

Built for builders.

Your ideas, your models, optimized for your data. SAVVI enables builders to create their own decisioning ML.  No need for machine learning expertise, tedious data collection/cleaning, management, storage or piping tasks – just start building.

Trusted by Data Scientists.

As Data Scientists your backlog is immense. Let your org use ML while you get all the model details (i.e. algorithm, RSMEs, feature weighting, and gini coefficients). Reveal causal relationships between the input data, decisions, and goals.


Client Containers provide data security and scale.

Using Client Containers your data, models, API serving are separate and isolated.
Hosting options: With SAVVI, your VPC or on-prem.


Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

Build smarter, faster.

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