Improve efficiency, efficiently

Successful organizations are filled with great people who can make the right decision at the right time. But, there are never enough of them. Let SAVVI solve your scaling challenge by using Machine Learning to discover successful decisioning patterns and increase organizational efficiency.

Amplify your experts with SAVVI.

In just a few steps, you can embed Machine Learning into your existing workflow to start learning from your experts.

Select a Workflow

Pick a decisioning workflow where team members routinely decide a course of action


Use the intuitive SAVVI tool

Easy set-up, identify the decision options and data that would influence success.


Add to your software

Using just two APIs or Javascript tags, connect SAVVI to your existing tools, consoles, or systems.


Watch it learn

SAVVI learns to recommend the best course of action, just like your best team members.


Easy to use.

Empowers your existing technology team to build and deploy Machine Learning – no need for specialists.

Learns fast.

Start recommending optimal decisions for your organization after just a few hundred training records.

Includes guardrails.

Add controls, including human review, as your Machine Learning system trains.


Use templates to get started quickly.

Browse our library of pre-made templates and get inspired for ways SAVVI can bring optimization to your product with the power of Machine Learning.


Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

Build smarter, faster.

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