SAVVI AI Product


Optimal Results. All of the time.

Better, faster, smarter products use little decision engines that continuously learn, giving you more time to focus on strategy and goals. The SAVVI solution of mainstream machine learning can be set up (and start delivering results) in minutes, not months.  

Go ahead, ditch those models on your laptop (you know you want to). Enjoy a production ready ML solution that is easy to integrate, learn, and manage.

Mainstream Machine Learning Is Here Today.

Go from “What if?” to “That’s It!” with better, smarter, faster products empowered by an everyday AI solution: machine learning decision engines that continuously learn and suggest optimal decisions that put your stretch goals continuously in reach.

These are just some of the ways you can use SAVVI AI. 83% of businesses know AI is a strategic priority, but aren’t sure where to start (source). Instead of starting hard, why not start with a Little AI?

Anywhere you have decision trees, conditional logic, need personalization, or just want your software to get smarter is an opportunity for AI/ML 💡. Need more ideas on how we can help you succeed? Reach out to us, and we would be happy to help you brainstorm!

Make your systems smarter starting today.

Sign up for our Private Beta. You can set up the easy, end-to-end SAVVI solution in a matter of minutes. Free trial for a limited time.

  • Easy & Fast: Why wait months, benefit from ML in minutes with your own data set or a data set we collect for you.
  • Smart & SAVVI: Production-ready, scale-tested and secure system for any business needs.
  • Aim & Go: Plant a SAVVI Stem and watch it meet your goals in SAVVI’s dashboard.

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