Make better decisions, faster.

Successful Financial Services organizations have harnessed the power of data to improve results with continuous optimization.

Let SAVVI supercharge your products by bringing the power of automated Machine Learning efficiency and personalization.


Targeted Offers

Learn the best offer to present to each customer, 1:1. Machine Learning with SAVVI finds the patterns of success and scales quickly.

Take Timely Action

Become proactive and not reactive. Let Machine Learning find the signals that predict problems and address them before they happen.

Better Decisioning

Using a decision tree to manage an approval process? Upgrade with the power of Machine Learning to continuously improve your results.


Create systems that learn quickly and cost-effectively.

SAVVI is the first Machine Learning, for Financial Services, tool designed to be used by your existing team in your existing process. Get into production faster and achieve your goals.


Adding ML to for intelligent approval decisioning.

Integrating was just super easy. It gave us ML functionality that we didn’t need to build ourselves.

— PJ, CTO, AeroPay

The team at Aeropay was able to quickly use the SAVVI tool to enhance an approval flow in their product - turning it from a hard-coded decision tree to an intelligent engine that learned to flag potential fraud.

Unlike other options, Aeropay's team was able to launch quickly and cost-effectively.

SAVVI Use Cases for Financial Services

Next Best Investment Product

Suggests the next best financial product given a customer's goals.

Approve / Review / Reject

Create an intelligent and dynamic engine for approvals using existing decisioning rules.

Personalized Financing Offers

Suggest offers that are most likely to be accepted based on customer criteria. 

Smart Overdraft Alert

Let clients know when patterns suggest overdraft may occur. 


Use templates to get started quickly.

Browse our library of pre-made Financial Services templates and get inspired for ways SAVVI can bring personalization and optimization to your product with the power of Machine Learning.

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Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

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