AI for you and I

Here’s the thing. AI is now approachable. And you don’t need to be an expert or engineer to use it. We’ve built an end-to-end tool that makes adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to your business or software more intuitive, faster, and easy to use.

Oh, did we mention you can start SAVVI AI with no pre-existing data?

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Small moves. Big results.

AI looks big and complicated. (And for some big and complicated businesses it is.)

The rest of us are focused on the everyday opportunities to make things perform a little bit better. A little AI, focused on helping your software learn, finds all the small, smart moves that improve workflow and better personalize users’ experiences. What do all those smarter small decisions add up to? Big value for your business.

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  • Make decisions. Not models.
  • Add AI in an afternooon.
  • No pre-existing data?
    No problem.

Problems a Little AI Can Solve

There are many use cases for Machine Learning to improve software. Here are just a few.


Tired of rolling the dice with
A/B testing? Start learning with AI.


The old way of ML is a bloated process.
Cut the effort down to size.


Decision trees don’t learn.
Let AI make decisions grow smarter.


Two week Agile Sprints are too slow.
Speed up evolution with a little AI.

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“Wow! You are putting AI in
the hands of real people.”

— Former CEO and Board Director, Agility.

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  • Aim & Go: Point to your goals and let SAVVI AI take you there.

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