Make better decisions, faster.

SAVVI saves your team time and effort by using Machine Learning to achieve your goals – make smarter suggestions, automate decisioning.

Easy to get started. Empower your team to create data-driven decision systems that learn.

How SAVVI helps teams to succeed.

SAVVI AI offers teams a complete tool to bring their organization ROI-driven applied Machine Learning decisioning.


A complete ML solution.

SAVVI's end-to-end tool: from data collection to manageable ML in production.


Easy integration.

With just two APIs, or a JavaScript drop in, embed ML quickly. See our Dev Docs.


Don't predict, decide. ™

More than prediction models, get decision-ready embeddable ML into production fast.


No pre-existing data required.

Don't have causality data to train on? Let SAVVI collect the data you need to learn.


Secure scale-tested containers.

Keep your data & models isolated and safe. Need more? On prem solutions available.


Empower your existing team.

SAVVI is accessible. No need for a data scientist to unlock the power of ML.


Smarter Suggestions.

Empower your team to make the best decisions by adding a Machine Learning powered “Suggested Action” to your dashboard or internal tools.


Personalize experiences.

80% of customers are more likely to buy more from a product that is personalized. Machine learning with SAVVI brings scalable 1:1 personalization to your organization.


Optimize decisioning.

Hard coded decision trees can’t react to real-time data trends and don’t learn. Have a process fixed to IF/THAN? Use SAVVI to make it smarter and more nimble.

Getting started.

Make your systems smarter, make better decisions.

Anywhere you have decision trees, conditional logic, need personalization, or just want your software to get smarter is an opportunity for AI/ML.

How Product Teams become ML SAVVI

SAVVI Use Cases

What can SAVVI
do for me?

Teams have used SAVVI to cost-effectively enhance their products and amp up their decision-making abilities. Here are a few examples

“Wow! You are putting AI in the hands of real people to solve everyday problems.”

— Former CEO and Board Director, Agility.

Getting started is easy.

Empower your team to create products and systems that learn.


Empowering all product teams with the power of Machine Learning.

Build smarter, faster.

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