Make your products better, faster, smarter, with SAVVI.

With SAVVI’s easy, end-to-end machine learning tool to enhance decisioning, optimize workflows, and improve personalization.
Make your products smarter and your processes more efficient with continuous learning. 

Because every Product team should benefit from the same machine learning capabilities used at the most successful companies in the world – for a fraction of the time and effort. That’s the SAVVIer way to build.

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Small actions. Big results.

From the moment your team plants a SAVVI Stem (a little machine learning engine) your system begins to continuously learn how to recognize and optimize those small, everyday decisions that add up to big, big results.

Did we mention that SAVVI is super easy to set up and manage, or that SAVVI doesn’t even need pre-existing data to get started? We can grow our own. Truth.

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  • Make decisions. Not models.
  • Production ready ML,
    set up in minutes.
  • No pre-existing data?
    We can help.

Make Your Products and Processes Smarter

Use SAVVI to turn static solutions into learning systems that improve your business with process optimization and enhanced personalization.


Stop rolling the dice with A/B testing: drastically improve personalization with ML.


Old ML is bloated and slow. Flexible and responsive ML optimizes your workflows.


Grow your own in-house ML expertise quickly with SAVVI – no experience with ML required.


Faster, better, smarter products make your business more efficient, getting to goals faster.

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“Wow! You are putting AI in the hands of real people to solve everyday problems.”

— Former CEO and Board Director, Agility.

Make your systems smarter starting today.

SAVVI is the complete end-to-end Machine Learning solution you can set up in minutes. 

  • Easy & Fast: Why wait months, benefit from ML in minutes with your own data set or a data set we collect for you.
  • Smart & SAVVI: Production-ready, scale-tested, and secure system for any business needs.
  • Aim & Go: Plant a SAVVI Stem and watch it meet your goals in SAVVI’s dashboard.

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