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We created SAVVI because we believe that the power of Machine Learning intelligence should be accessible for all teams to reach their goals.

We created SAVVI to be a tool we would use to make our products smarter, faster.


We’re a product team who have spent years building intelligent solutions for top brands like: Citibank, Estee Lauder, McDonalds, Adidas, Synchrony, Best Buy, and Footlocker.

We watched as the continuous benefits of Machine Learning became siloed in large organizations – who can afford to build huge learning infrastructures powered by teams of data scientists.

This is not every team’s reality.

We know ML decisioning can help everyday teams with everyday problems if only they had a easy-to-use tool that met their needs.

SAVVI was born out of a desire to help all teams succeed.



Podcast: The Power of Machine Learning

Hear from Founder Alex Muller important lessons product teams need to keep in mind when looking to execute Machine Learning.

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