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  • Up to 1,000 ML Stem events per month
  • 4 team members
  • Basic Machine Learning Stem
  • 2 Environments
  • Self Service Support


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  • 50,000 ML Stem Events and up
  • Up to 8 team members
  • Full featured Stem
  • 2 Environments
  • Dedicated secure client container for Data, Models and APIs
  • Support from Lite + Live Chat and Slack with CS Team


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  • Unlimited ML Stem events
  • Unlimited team size
  • Full featured ML Stem
  • 3 Custom Environments
  • Decision Trace
  • Dedicated secure client container for Data, Models and APIs
  • On prem or in VPC hosting options
  • Pro + Dedicated Customer Success manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ML Stem?

The SAVVI tool is organized around Machine Learning (ML) Stems. Each of these ML decision engines can be set-up through SAVVI and customized around points in your product where you would like to optimize or personalize part of your work flow with Machine Learning. SAVVI charges on a per-usage model.

How can I estimate my ML Stem events?

To get an idea of your ML Stem events, see how much traffic that particular optimization or personalization sees per month. For example, if you are looking to enhance a workflow that sees 10,000 visitors per month, that may be a good proxy for ML Stem events. If in doubt, reach out and we are happy to work with you to find an ideal plan.

Are there free trials of the paid plans?

Yes! Contact us and we are happy to offer you a free trial of our PRO or ENTERPRISE level plans.

How is billing handled?

For the PRO tier billing is handled via credit card. Yes, a discount is available for an Annual subscription.

For the ENTERPRISE plan billing is handled via invoice.


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